Hello, friends, lj-friends, acquaintances, and strangers!

If you notice any grammatical, spelling, structural, formatting, semantic, or any other type of errors in my public or formal posts, please reply to the post and point them out to me. A lot of these essays I plan to publish for real someday, and I plan to improve upon some of them in the process. I am not always the best proof-reader of my own work, since I cannot be objective. So please let me know if you see anything. Do not feel like I will interpret this as rude or condescending; it will be very useful to me.

If I have used sentence fragments or informal or slang language, judge whether or not I did so on purpose and if it is acceptable in that type of essay by the context. It's better to play it safe and alert me of an error if you are unsure. If I want to keep it, I will thank you for bringing it to my attention and let you know that I am okay with that particular error. Otherwise, I will fix it and thank you enthusiastically.

Consider even the less formal of these writing to be scholastic essays, and critique them as such. If I have used phrases like "there is" or "it is" frequently, point that out; it is not formal. Contractions are not formal. If you can think of anything that you see that you wouldn't write in a scholastic essay, point that out. Also point it out if you see something that you think is worded awkwardly or is difficult to understand. Even if a whole paragraph is difficult to follow, or the order in which I wrote paragraphs or sentences causes the work to not "flow" well, let me know.

Any other type of criticism at all on my public entries is more than welcome.

Thank you.

Ending America's Drug Problem

Okay, this is a paper that I wrote for my sociology class. I'm not entirely sure how the formatting will appear. It didn't exactly work out to copy and paste the document from ODT format to html, so I, for the first time ever, used the "rich text" editing feature on livejournal. I hope that means that the lj-cut still works. Let me know if this is simply impossible to read, and I'll add html codes to the document and re-post that.

I feel no real need to offer an abstrat or summary to get you guys to read it. You know me. Do what you want.

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I made a blog

Check this shizznit out biznotches. I'm now documenting all the IMs with people that IM me and are so stupid it's hilarious. Conversations you have that are the same can be posted too! Look at it.

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Today, I'm gonna go in a public bathroom and record the sound of strangers farting and stuff with my cell phone, and then reset the recordings as ringtones. It'll be like, every time my mom calls, my phone lets out a big, loud, wet-sounding fart, and it keeps repeating until I pick up. Sweet.

Prisoner of War

Well, since the topic has come up again in my discussions, and since I posted a million things on the same day when i got out of jail, i don't think everyone has had the chance to read this piece. So I'm reposting something i wrong about the drug war while incarcerated.
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